The Female Pope

Lyrics & Libretto by Shannon Burkett Music by Heather Christian

The Female Pope was presented at the National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s Festival of New Musicals in 2022, has been a semifinalist for the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center (NMTC), and has had a roundtable at Wellesley College.


The Female Pope is highly disputed story about a woman, disguised as a man, in the 9th century who rose to the papacy. A young girl’s father – desperate to keep her safe – disguises her as a boy, with the promise of an education. This unlocks a passion for learning that propels her to the most powerful position in the world. A stunning achievement that threatens the very existence of the Catholic Church itself

Music Samples

Everyman (Sample Demo)
Cipher of the Stars (Sample Demo)


(in progress)

TriPerFecTa is a musical comedy that presents the idea that justice is a mirage and accountability is insuperable in the face of ingrained apathy and malice, be it the DOE or US government.  

PTA President Keli Pam Convoy
does everything perfectly except this one little thing…

So You Wanna be a Porn Star:

a story about sex, love, and rock-n-roll

Her passion to facilitate activism through art inspired her to create and produce a benefit cabaret two years in a row during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The sold-out performances of So You Wanna be a Porn Star: a story of silicone, struggle, and survival at the Laurie Beechman Theater featured the talents of Lea Delaria, Miriam Shor, Kate Nowlin, and James Carpinello and raised thousands of dollars which were donated to Stand Up to Cancer and Making Strides.

The Cunnilingus King

Lyrics by Shannon Burkett and Peter Salett
Music by Peter Salett
Directed by Jayce Bartok
Starring James Carpinello,
Jenny Maguire,
and Erik Heger.
Puppet Tongue by The Puppet Kitchen
Edited by Frank Grow, Chris Suchorsky, and Kyle Walters
DP Chris Suchorsky
Choreography by Cara Kjellman
Costumes by Kristina Makowski
Song Mixed by Don Piper

When Shannon was diagnosed with Paget’s disease, a rare form of breast cancer, she did what anyone who was about to get implants would do: she wrote a musical about porn. “So You Wanna be a Porn Star: a story about sex, love, and rock-n-roll” is about one woman’s struggle to claim full autonomy over her body through her art form, which just happens to be porn.

“If porn is once again mainstreamed, normalized, but for good this time, then that means society has finally accepted a woman’s autonomy, her right to her own body, to do with her body what ever she chooses, including the most taboo: having sex on film. Then the caste system of shame and oppression will shatter and we women will finally be given true ownership of our sexuality, our bodies, and then and only then can true equality for women be achieved. “

The Cunnilingus King” is a music video of one of the songs from this musical that was accepted into festivals across the country and nominated for several awards, including a win for Best Music Video at the Los Angeles Movie Awards.

*This video contained 13,826 views before being taken down to edit out Ron Jeremy. The producer was unaware of Mr. Jeremy’s heinous crimes at the time of the making or posting of this video. This musical is about the empowerment of women and in no way does Mr. Jeremy represent this theme. A donation has been made to RAINN and the producer sincerely apologies for any pain this may have caused.

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